Labor and Tune-ups


$130 Hourly Rate

This includes RBS coming out to your home for trouble shooting and on-site repairs other than tune-ups. (Minimum charge will be $100.00)


$130 Performance

This includes adjusting gears, brakes and truing wheels (straighten), it also includes wiping down bike and components. We will also lube the chain and cables and tighten all bolts & check all bearing pre-loads.

$390 Frequent Riders

This includes a complete disassembly of the bike down to the frame, we clean and make sure all parts are clean and free of debris. We check to make sure all bolts are torqued and all bearing preloads are correct.  With this tune up you receive brand new *cables and a complete drivetrain detail, when we dissassemble the bike all components will be cleaned in a concentrated degreaser and then reassembled for a like new riding experience.

*all shimano stainless steel inners & shimano outer housing
$50 upcharge for Campy cable set.

I have to take the bike on last option because of drivetrain detail, the goal would be to have it back to you the next day! (depending on shape of drivetrain,  and if parts need ordered)

these prices include all transportation fees associated with tuneups.

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