Bicycle Fitting

As cyclist new or old, we have an understanding that our sport involves repetetive movements over differing periods of time and at different intensity levels. Our bodies are extremely sensitve to small changes as they relate to our position on the bike. So taking the time and getting your bike fitted to you will improve your performance and keep you comfortable at the same time. Careful considration and analysis of  foot position, cleat placement, saddle height, angle and position, stem length, height and angle, handlebar width and shift/brake hood position will be noticable over time as an improvement or as a hinderance if your not in the correct position.

$200  Basic fit

Includes saddle height, saddle fore/aft postion, handlebar postion, lever position on handlebars, and stem length.


$400   Performance fit

Includes basic fit + use of computrainer for 4 weeks, giving data readings and use of spin scan with weekly evaluations.

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