Our Mission

To provide a Premium Service to you, my customer.  Providing the products that my customers have come to want and need to keep them riding at there highest ability, without them losing ride time because there bike is in a shop.

About me

My name is Rick Miller.

A lot of the cycling enthusiast know me already, for I have been in the bicycling industry for over 25 yrs. I began working in bicycle shops which then led me to open my own. My skill set and experiences from both helped lead me down the path to a niche of  pursuing my mobile bicycle service. I am an energetic self motivated person who enjoys cycling and being around people. Because of all my years working in the bicycle industry and learning so much about bikes new and old, that others in the cycling industry call me when they become stumped by a problematic bike.

My trustworthiness is second to none, I am very fair and will spend your money as if it was my own. I do not replace parts needlessly and will give you the facts about your bicycle and let you make the decision on what to fix. I will always make sure that your safety or your kids safety is not at risk, and will not be persuaded to fix one item on a bike that is unsafe in other areas.

Our vision of helping you

In the busy lives that we are leading today, convenience, ease, and less hassle seem to be the keys that everyone is looking for. Those who cycle, do so for family time, passion for the sport, stress relief, or simply a form of exercise.

What is the inconvenience of cycling? What makes cycling not so easy? What is the hassle part of cycling?
Those times we have to lug our bikes into the shops that work on them. You ask yourself, “Do I take it during lunch?” or  “Do I stop by after work and get home later?” and even “Do I not bike during the weekend and take the time to take my bike in then?”

The vision of Rick’s Bicycle Service is to take all of these questions away.
Simply put. Our vision is to make this part of your life less inconvenient, and less of a hassle and worry so you can get out and ride.

We come to you. It is that convenient.
We work around your schedule. It is that easy.
We do the running around. It is that worry-free.

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